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Governments worldwide face multiple challenges to facilitate trade and increase revenue which is often a major contributor to the national economy. The Customs and Tax administration have a bigger role to play in this context, by ensuring that all goods are declared, that duty/tax calculations are correct and that duty/exemptions and preference regimes are correctly applied and managed. The Customs and Tax administration needs to facilitate trade by having simplified procedures and process for Customs clearance and revenue collection. It is important to automate the Customs processes for fast and smooth clearance of goods, at the same time, have the necessary security and control built around these processes to manage risk, minimize corruption and collect appropriate revenues.

MicroClear’s Customs modernization solution defines a new way of managing Customs business to deliver a comprehensive solution to all stakeholders. MicroClear’s simple “out of the box” approach and flexible architecture makes Customs processes and workflows easy to implement and configure, while ensuring the ability to adapt quickly to business rule changes without the need to re-write code.

MicroClear offers proven agility, scalability, flexibility, adaptability, and rich functionality in modernizing Customs processes to provide higher level of compliance and faster service with lower cost. MicroClear offerings are tailored to meet the specific needs of each Customs Administration.