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Current Projects

Egypt Customs :

Principal Agency: Egypt Customs Authority (ECA)

Starting Date: September 2007

Ending Date: Ongoing Project


As part of the Egypt TAPR-II project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Egyptian Customs Authority (ECA) has selected ICS’ MicroClear solution to drive its comprehensive Customs modernization efforts to automate and streamline the Customs processes throughout all the border posts and Customs offices in Egypt.

A team of experienced professionals were mobilized as soon as the contract was signed. The first phase of the project was the Business Requirements Clarification stage, where all queries regarding the business requirements as provided in the RFP were clarified. There were more than 35 functional modules. Based on the inputs from Egypt Customs Subject Matter Experts, more than 35 SRSDs (System Requirement Specification Documents) was documented by ICS team. Once these documents were signed off by ECA, the customization of the System has begun and the development activity is ongoing. The system supports both English and Arabic.

The functionality / modules include:

••  Registration of Traders, Importers and Exporters

••  Broker Affairs

••  Manifest Processing

••  Declaration Processing

••  Transit

••  Temporary Admission

••  Inward Processing

••  Outward Processing

••  Free Zones and Duty Free Shops

••  Payment

••  Financial Guarantee

••  Risk Management System

••  Inspection

••  Clearance

••  Accounting

••  Quota Tracking

••  Rummage Tracking

••  Enforcement Investigation

••  Account Management System

••  Classification and Tariff Database

••  Single Window Capabilities

••  Refund Processing

••  Appeals, Legal Affairs

••  Rulings Interface

••  Document Management and Review system

••  Drawbacks

••  Post Clearance Audit

••  Resource Planning

••  Warehousing

••  Support of Container Security Initiative (CSI)

••  Valuation Database and Pricing Information.