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MicroClear e-Government

ICS offers a comprehensive suite of e-Government solutions built on MicroClear Technology. MicroClear, with its flexible architecture and modular nature, can accommodate various business requirements related to e- Government. MicroClear supports standardized documents, XML document formats, EDI for exchange of information between all involved government authorities and agencies. The workflow engine of MicroClear distributes information and data to the respective government agencies for processing. MicroClear workflow engine supports Single Window Capability delivering standardized documents to different government departments.

The basic solution offering includes, MicroClear Customs, MicroClear Tax, MicroClear Trade, and a host of optional e-services such as processing of VAT & Taxation, Passport, Driving License, Personal ID Card, Tourist Help, Business Intelligence and others.

MicroClear Customs

MicroClear® Customs is the flagship product of ICS. MicroClear Customs Solution includes, but is not limited to the following functionality:

•  Manifest & Declaration,
•  Risk Management & Post-Clearance Audit (PCA),
•  Inspections (Quantity and Quality) & Document Review,
•  Valuation & Duty Assessment,
•  Integrated Tariff (Single Window),
•  Credit and Collection of Fees & Penalties,
•  Decision Support (Reporting)
•  Customs Quality Control (CQC - Internal Audit for Customs Staff performance and efficiency).

Please refer to 'MicroClear Customs’ brochure for more details.

Clich here to view MicroClear Brochure in English MicroClear Brochure (English)
Clich here to view MicroClear Brochure in English MicroClear Brochure (spanish)
Clich here to view MicroClear Brochure in English MicroClear Brochure (arabic)
MicroClear Risk Management

Intelligent & adaptable risk management system that enables to configure risk targets, analyze risk, prescribe actions to be taken, and tracking & reporting of risk found.

MicroClear Business Intelligence (Inter-government)

A sophisticated real-time decision support, business intelligence and financial statistics tool for key economic and policy decision-making purposes. Provides historical data analysis capabilities to identify trends and patterns over a different period of time.

Post-Clearance Audit

Post Clearance Audit system facilitates the post clearance audit process by providing the functionality to filter traders/organizations for auditing and to create post audit plans and post audit reports.