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MicroClear Valuation

The primary objective of this service is to assist customs and revenue authorities enhance revenues by collecting the correct amount of duties and taxes. Through a research of export markets and specific products and product groups, ICS will provide to customs authorities valuable information which may raise doubts regarding the truth or accuracy of the declared transaction value. Additionally, a thorough document review allows ICS to detect and report cases of tariff misclassification leading to potential losses in revenues. ICS also delivers solutions and specialized technology for price research and maintaining a price database for Customs reference, which is called the MicroClear Price Research System.

Destination Inspection & Risk Management

ICS will perform the quality and quantity inspection of the goods upon their arrival in the import country. The quality and quantity inspection of the goods will be performed based on internationally accepted standards for each product category. High-risk shipments will be selected by our MicroClear Risk Management System (RMS), based on both standard and specific client government risk selectivity criteria.

Customs Data Capture

For importers who do not have a broker/agent and lack access to the internet or computer equipment, ICS will provide, upon agreement with the customs administration, Customs Data Capture assistance by placing a few of its own staff in each customs location.  Importers will bring their commercial documents and the ICS staff will help them with data entry into our MicroClear Price Research System.  Since our system also allows the uploading of scanned documents, the ICS staff will also help importers with the scanning of their commercial documents.