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Single Window Portal

  • Allows to publish and manage information according to principles of WTO-TFA;
  • Procedures for importation, exportation, and transit (including port, airport, and other entry-point procedures), and required forms and documents;
  • Apply rates of duties and taxes of any kind imposed on or in connection with importation or exportation;
  • Define Fees and charges by or for governmental agencies on or in connection with importation, exportation or transit;
  • Impose rules for the classification or valuation of products for customs purposes;
  • Apply for License, Permit and Certificates to relevant government agencies online, processing of requests, and approvals;
  • Notify the respective government agencies for processing and inform the government authorities when all steps required have been completed;
  • Define Laws, regulations, and administrative rulings of general application relating to rules of origin;
  • Restrictions or Prohibitions on import, export or transit;
  • Penalty Provisions for breaches of import, export, or transit formalities;
  • Procedures for appeal or review;
  • Agreement with countries relating to importation, exportation, or transit;
  • Procedures relating to the administration of tariff quotas;
  • Supports UN-CEFACT recommendation # 33 (Recommendations and Guidelines on establishing a Single Window).

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