Trade Facilitation


  • Multi-layered utility, allowing re-assessment and reviews with configurable rights and restrictions according to management roles of the agency/administration;
  • Assigns the assessment task to assessment officers based on the work load and skill set;
  • Allow customs assessment officers and auditors to modify authorized data-fields in Goods declaration or Cargo reports where required, while maintaining the integrity of original declaration for legal and auditing purposes;
  • Allows assessment and audit officers to search and analyze the pricing data and trends for making valuation decisions, and allows appraising officers to view duty details and item specifications for classification decision and correct tariff  and policy treatment;
  • Interact with declarant or agent, by requesting for samples or additional supporting documents;
  • Tracks all documents in the System through reference numbers;
  • Capability to Upload/Download documents;
  • Initiate inspection or physical scan;
  • Allows declarant to differ with relevant authorities’ assessment decision, and to seek assessment reviews;
  • Request for classification or valuation, or both for the assessment item;
  • Associate Exemptions, permits for the assessment item;
  • Allows the Customs official to record the decision after assessment against a declaration;
  • Request for Voluntary Amendment of assessment request for declarations not yet physically released;
  • Recalculation of duties and informing the Trader about any additional payable amount;
  • Allows Trader to pay additional duties, and file assessment reviews;
  • Allows to detain items and initiate the contravention process;
  • Secure guarantees instead of payments in case provisional clearance is necessary, or where procedure so demands to secure guarantees;
  • Allows permission to release before clearance for authorized users;
  • Allows to route review case to next legal authority facilitating different levels of appeal process;
  • View the original goods declaration and all linked information – carrier declaration, examination reports, lab reports, images from inspection reports, pricing database details, trader’s profile, tariff and policy details;
  • Send customized messages to designated users through various channels – SMS, e-mail or to Trader’s inbox within the MicroClear® application;
  • Supports integration with Valuation database and third party database.

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