Trade Facilitation

Bonded Warehouse

  • Warehouse allocation process for cargo imported, to be exported or in transit;
  • Automatically reconciles inventory and adjusts bond liability of a Customs warehouse for each shipment entering or exiting the warehouse;
  • Provides facility to manage movement of cargo from one bonded warehouse to another, and capture data of movement;
  • Supports management of raw materials (input goods) and the finished product (compensating goods);
  • Allows change of ownership of warehouses;
  • Maintain quantity balance, and supports inspection (reconciliation) of warehouse quantity balance;
  • Create warehouse inspection report;
  • Provides online processing of documents related to bonded manufacturing;
  • Keeps track of the credit / debit transactions and automatically reconcile inputs (raw materials) and outputs (finished goods) taking into account input-output variables like wastage, replacements and other;
  • Record expiry of perishables and dangerous goods/chemicals, and initiate alerts and notifications for process of disposal;
  • Fully integrated with other modules of MicroClear®, like control of transit movements to and from warehouses, disposal of goods, payments, assessments, licensing and others.

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