Trade Facilitation

Cargo (Manifest)

  • Online registration of conveyance declaration, crew data, passenger data and declaration of ships and stores (compliant to IMO FAL Convention guidelines);
  • Handles all types/modes of transports including sea, air and land;
  • Online registration of Vessel or Carrier;
  • Allows to interface with carriers’ system through EDI/XML, e.g. SITA in case of airlines;
  • Allows to prepare and file Way Bills / Bills of Lading by Carriers, non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCCs) and authorized shipping agents;
  • Online registration of Manifest for air, sea, land, rail or postal with unique serial numbers;
  • Upload manifest/house bills directly to MicroClear®;
  • Modify manifest data online;
  • Ability to deal with all types of cargo; containerized, non-containerized, liquid or loose;
  • Create and Associate Containers / Vehicle information in Cargo;
  • Online validation of manifest for completeness and accuracy of data;
  • Receive and process pre-arrival manifest;
  • Perform Risk Analysis on manifest information;
  • Process Delivery Order;
  • Issue No Objection Certificate (NOC) for consolidated shipment and manage Split Bills (House Bills) for Delivery Order (DO) issuance;
  • Associate slot chartered agents for sharing Larger consignments in a Journey for multiple Shipping agents;
  • Availability of all information related to manifest throughout MicroClear® modules during the entire Customs clearance process, for any reference;
  • Search for consignment information and track cargo movement under Customs control;
  • Generate surplus/shortage arrival report for manifested quantity and landed quantity;
  • Configure Customs preferences such as changing the Late Manifest hour, Penalty for Manifest, Maximum hours allowed after arrival date, official holidays, Maximum Request count and others;
  • Create and submit Shipment order information for exporting outside the country;
  • Create Direct or Immediate Release for consignments for procedures configured by administration;
  • Follows UN/EDIFACT standards for interface and integration with Customs department. For e.g. CUSCAR for loading manifest data and XML option for information exchange.

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