Trade Facilitation


  • Online submission of goods declaration and cargo reporting for various procedures such as imports, exports, re-export, transit, transshipment, home use, inward processing, outward processing, postal, courier express bill, travelers and others;
  • Supports advanced features of Revised Kyoto Convention Standards, such as filing of periodic declarations;
  • Complete functionality to prepare, validate, self-assess liabilities and submit declaration and reports; Self-assessment of duties is based on valuation method, tariff item code, bill type, exemptions, taxes, bilateral agreements and others;
  • Supports filing, processing and acceptance of pre-arrival declarations and simplified declarations;
  • Allows Traders to delegate their functions to Clearing Agents, in order to submit the declaration on behalf of the principal Trader;
  • Delegate the declaration from one organization to other;
  • Allow Traders to request for extension of time limit for declaration submission, cancellation or withdrawal of declaration and request to authorized amendments;
  • Allow Traders to request for abandonment or destruction of goods;
  • Look-up lists available for HS codes, country codes, ports, currencies, bill types, shipping agents and others;
  • Allows submission of supporting (additional) documents in electronic or scanned form;
  • Perform risk analysis on declarations;
  • Verifies necessary supporting documents and concerned government authority, if any, for declarations;
  • Supports Valuation of consignments through various methods prescribed by WTO;
  • Support online payment of duties through various payment modes like bank, credit card, customer account;
  • Print declarations directly from the system by authorized users;
  • Record goods details that are released / cleared from Customs premises/warehouses for Exit Gate process, and performs automatic reconciliations;
  • Search and retrieve declarations based on several search parameters such as Declaration number, trader identification number, declaration type, status and others;
  • Status reporting feature, sending out notifications to the Traders on the changing status of consignment through clearance process;
  • Follows UN/EDIFACT standards for interface and integration with Customs department. For e.g. CUSDEC for Customs declaration.

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