Trade Facilitation

Disposal of Goods

  • Allows managing disposal of goods through various processes including:
    • Auctions of Non-Perishable Items
    • Destruction of Goods, like narcotics
    • Destruction of Narcotic Items
    • Direct Negotiation/Direct Sale
    • Direct Sale
    • Disposal of Currency and Jewellery
    • Disposal of Perishable Goods
    • Dispose as Gift or Donation
    • Sale by Tender or Quotations of Goods
    • Sale to Public or /Government Servant officials
  • Allows to create Disposal Request for the disposal of goods;
  • Provides complete auction process for selling goods liable to Customs auction;
  • Allows creating and performing Disposal Activity;
  • Facilitates online bidding for goods that are to be auctioned;
  • Allows bidder to create bid for auction, tender or quotation;
  • Capture details of goods to be auctioned, and to perform assessment;
  • Allows bidder to pay tender amount and quotation amount;
  • Create Declarations automatically for goods that are auctioned;
  • Determines winner for tender, auction, and quotation, according to pre-set configurable rule;
  • Records and reconciles revenue generated from disposal;
  • Allows Auction Committee to generate deposit amount bill of Bidders;
  • Allows allocation of sale proceeds to relevant accounts.

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