Trade Facilitation


  • Facilitates Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with external systems and Cross Border Regulatory Agencies (CBRA) using web services;
  • Supports Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) data exchange with the external systems using BizTalk servers;
  • Facilitates interaction with the external services such as Agent code, GST service, RMS, Auto-gate systems, QR Code generation systems and others;
  • Supports various data format types such as XML, JSON, and others;
  • Compliant with CSI/IC3 standards;
  • Sends Container message (CME) with details such as Sequence number, Container number, Seal number, HS Code, and Quantity to the recipient system;
  • Processes  Inspection request message (INS) from external system;
  • Sends Inspection Result message to recipient system;
  • Sends acknowledgment for all messages transmitted;
  • Compatible with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles as well as with existing and emerging EDI and XML-based EDI protocols;
  • Supports integration through transport protocols such as Web Services with SOAP, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, MSMQ, MQ Series, AS1 Transport, AS2 Transport and AS3 Transport;
  • Approvals transmitted electronically from governmental authorities to the Trader;
  • Ability to interact with external databases, e.g. taxation system, motor registration database, treasury, citizen registration, securities and exchange commission.

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