Trade Facilitation


  • Create inspection request with details on all related information such as Customs declaration number, manifest or house bill details, and others;
  • Assign inspection task to Inspectors or joint inspection teams based on the rules;
  • Distribute inspection task to inspectors available in the work-shift, by setting parameters, like based on the workload and inspection type or randomly among available team;
  • Allows joint inspection by a team or committee, taking into consideration team-members’ calendar and availability, and notifying the inspection team;
  • Retrieve results of risk analysis that triggered the inspection request;
  • Manage detention of items for any discrepancy or suspected consignment information;
  • Support Inspection process of various types – physical examinations, weighing, sample, drug-check, scanning and others;
  • Record inspection report and feedback necessary inputs into the risk management system;
  • Facilitates management of lab test and process for drawing samples, and sending it to Customs lab for reporting and analysis;
  • Support using wireless technologies for managing inspection work in the field, like ports, border points and check posts.

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