Trade Facilitation

Temporary Admission

  • Online processing of Temporary Admission – Temporary Import / Re-Export and Re-Import / Temporary Export declaration;
  • Calculate applicable duties and taxes related to temporary admission;
  • Create ATA Carnet declaration for Temporary Import, Temporary Export or Transit;
  • Define Temporary Admission charges;
  • Online payment gateway for different types of payment modes such as Cash, Credit card, E-payment Surety Bonds, Prepaid Account and Cheque for paying declaration duties and taxes;
  • Conduct risk analysis for every submitted Temporary Admission declaration;
  • Data validation and verification process for every electronically submitted Temporary Admission declaration;
  • Allows to edit and re-submit the rejected declaration;
  • Notifications sent to applicant prior to the expiry of Temporary Import or Temporary Export;
  • Request for Extension of Time for Temporary Import/Export;
  • Create Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Pass for Temporary Admission;
  • Issue Exit gate pass for the released declarations.

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