Trade Facilitation


  • Allows to create transit declaration a part of Carriers’ declaration, or filing a separate transit declaration if regulation so prescribes;
  • Allows Traders to request for change of transit declaration particulars, like destination, means of transport change, time limit extension and other;
  • Sends notification on arrival/departure and anticipated transit movements;
  • Allows to acknowledge the arrival/departure of goods with departure date & time, transit date & time, arrival date & time;
  • Report en route incidents on change of change or route, vehicle, container, seal broken or enforcement inspections by mobile units;
  • Monitor the status of the BL’s contained in the Transit and the consignment details using various reports;
  • Allow Warehouse Operators to create Transfer Control Documents (TCD) for transfer of goods from Warehouse to Warehouse, Warehouse to Port, Warehouse to Free Zone and others;
  • Create TCD for transit from Port to Port, Port to Warehouse, Port to Duty Free Shop (DFS) or Free zone;
  • Allows to add Transit route details and associated authorized routes where regulatory/enforcement controls so require;
  • Create TCD for transit from Free zone to Port, Free zone to warehouse, Free zone to Free Zone ;
  • Online payment gateway for Payment types such as Surety bond or Cash/Credit for transit movements;
  • Allows guaranteeing mechanisms according to national laws or bilateral and multilateral agreements;
  • Automatically reconciles cargo incoming and outgoing, and generate alerts and reports on delayed or not-reconciled cargo;
  • Allows to process transport of Goods Coastwise.

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