Trade Facilitation


  • Create Inward Transshipment Manifest and Bill of lading details for Import Journey;
  • Allows Transfer of goods from one vessel to another vessel, where cargo that has been reported to be discharged at a local port but is intended to be transshipped through country;
  • Allows transshipment involving cargo that is to be repacked prior to export;
  • Allows transshipment of cargo arriving in parts and consolidated into a single consignment for export;
  • Allows transshipment cargo that is intended to be exported as ships stores / spares;
  • Allows transshipment cargo that is moved from the air to sea environments (or vice versa);
  • Allows various intermediate controls on cargo movements, like terminal operator’s Cargo Discharge Reports, Outturn reports, Gate-in and Gate-outs (which involve movement) and finally closed through Export Manifest;
  • Allows reporting of in-transit cargo that, for some reason, is discharged at a local port;
  • Automated reconciliation of transshipment cargo; each transshipment is eventually reconciled against Export Manifest.

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