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Principal Agency:
Start Date:
End Date:

Ministry of State Revenues
October 2001
October 2005

By the completion date, the following tasks were performed:

  • Independently verified quality, quantity, and tariff classification and provided price information for 20% of the import shipments (high-risk shipments).
  • Independently researched the price at the point of purchase of the goods for the purpose of verifying the declared transaction value in accordance with Article VII of GATT 1994.
  • Performed the physical inspection and sampling of the selected shipments at all customs clearance points in Kazakhstan.
  • Established the likely CIF value of the merchandise based on independently obtained freight and insurance information.
  • Calculated the duties and taxes owed on the assessed CIF price of the imported merchandise.
  • Provided online data capture facilities at three locations in Kenya, and ex-post data capture at the same locations for other clearance points.
  • Reconciled the PSI companies’ invoices submitted to the Government, using the inspection and invoice databases in conjunction with the applicable exchange rates.  ICS presented a verification report for each company at the completion of the reconciliation each month.
  • Carried out the analysis of all available information, past and present, and databases to identify any deficiencies and advise the government on strategies to correct those deficiencies and avoid them in the future.
  • Prepared a comprehensive monthly report to inform the Government of Kazakhstan, of the findings. In the case of discrepancies, ICS assessed the losses to the government and computed any penalties.
  • Provided technical assistance to the client by conducting a two-week training course each year of the contract for Article VII valuation, goods inspection, computerized analysis, reconciliation, and reporting.
  • Performed an in-depth study of the Customs Law and of the operation of Kazakhstan customs offices and provided the government with a comprehensive customs modernization report.