Compliance & Enforcement

Post Clearance Audit (PCA)

  • Define Selectivity Criteria using various audit parameters;
  • Create and execute Audit Program to filter organizations to be audited as per defined selectivity criteria;
  • Associate or disassociate organizations to be audited from the filtered organization list;
  • Create Audit plans for Field Audit, Desk Audit or Transaction Audit;
  • Schedule visits for organization’s audit and assign Auditor for auditing;
  • Notify organizations/ importers about the expected audit;
  • Create questions and templates to guide or assist the auditor for information to be collected during audit;
  • Associate Audit Instructions or templates in the Audit Plan;
  • Create Legal Provisions to associate in Audit Report;
  • Create Audit Report to assess the client’s overall compliance as defined for various sectors and category of clients;
  • Conduct detailed review of a client’s liabilities & entitlements;
  • Assess the integrity of the trade data received from importers/exporters;
  • Refer for Assessment in case of declaration discrepancies;
  • Record the audit findings and provide feedback to the risk management system;
  • Manage Inbound and Outbound movement of detained / seized Items and/or  documents;
  • Manage Store Registration for seized items;
  • Refer case from frontline assessment or clearance process for post-release verifications, where detailed examination of declaration is required;
  • Prepare PCA Analysis Report using Audit Report;
  • Create Appreciation, Reprimand or Feedback Letter;
  • Create Risk Report based on the PCA Analysis Report;
  • Allows to refer current transactions for post-release review by audit;
  • Allows managing workflow, and assigning roles to deal with post-release verifications, relating to Valuation, Classification or other cases such as preferential tariff claim.

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