Compliance & Enforcement

Risk Management Engine

  • Multi-tiered, multi-stage risk management system, which can be collaboratively managed by several agencies;
  • Intelligent and configurable Risk Management System (RMS);
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based outlier detection;
  •  Selective Inspection based on RMS:
    • Transaction-based Clearance (with pre-arrival risk monitoring dashboards);
    • Account (compliance) based Clearance;
    • Multiple-Agency integrated/coordinated Clearance;
    • Pre-loaded risk profiles.
  • Supports pre-arrival or pre-departure of low risk cargo;
  • Define risk targets to evaluate critical exposures;
  • Test newly created risk target on historical data to estimate strike rate;
  • Prioritize risks based on likelihood, impact of occurrence and urgency;
  • Provides profile/transaction matching checks;
  • Supports random selection and saturation checks;
  • Automatically generates an intervention request (inspection, assessment, sampling, scanning, weighing and others) if a risk is detected by the system for the goods declared;
  • Generates detailed reports for risk analysis and effectiveness of various risk indicators, as feedback loop for continuous improvement;
  • Allows to use Valuation Database for risk analysis in conformity with WCO’s guidelines on National Valuation Database (NVDB);
  • MicroClear’s Rules Editor Tool allows defining new risk criteria in a simple and easy manner.

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