Configuration & Management tools

Master Data Management

  • Manage the primary and fundamental master data profiles such as Currencies, Unit of measurements, Exchange rates, Counters, Announcements, Customs Holidays, Lists, Help and Document Types;
  • Allows configuration of User Management parameters such as creating new Organizations, Users, Roles, and User Profiles;
  • Define new Bill types or Customs Control Procedures (CCP) such as Import, Export, Transit, Temporary Import, Temporary Export, Re-Import, Re-Export, Inward Processing, Outward Processing, Export Provisional, Special Condition, Sub Declaration and others;
  • Define new Locations such as Countries, States, Cities, Stations, Ports, Postal codes, Regions and others;
  • Manage security on access rights at the data access level as well as on resource permissions;
  • Audit all events and changes made to the system;
  • Create counters for automatic number generation with different incremental values as required.

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