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Visual Workbench Tool

MicroClear®’s Visual Workbench Tool facilitates quick and easy development of any customization or additional business requirements to MicroClear®.
The approach of ‘reusable components’ based development is designed to give the best time/cost benefits to our clients. It includes business logic building tool that allows creating and managing the business rules, group of logic to determine the applicable rule, Tariff item specifications and actions to perform when a rule is executed. Visual Workbench tool allows to dynamically apply the duties or taxes on the tariff items based on the defined conditions. These tools will ensure easy in-house tailoring and modifications with minimum dependency on the vendor.

MicroClear® Visual Workbench Tool facilitates customization, maintenance and extending features by providing the following:

  • Database Profile Editor
  • Page Designer
  • Business Components Configuration tools
  • Workflow Designer tools
  • Rules Editor

These tools are used to configure the MicroClear® system to introduce new business rules, duty calculation formulae, change existing logic, change the business process flow, define Workflow and build new e-forms or pages. More importantly, any changes made using these tools are reflected in the MicroClear® system ‘on-the-fly’.
The Visual Workbench Tool provides an integrated development environment for MicroClear’s configuration and guides the user/developer to customize existing resources and implement new business scenarios. It also allows modification of existing and addition of new web pages in WYSIWYG mode.

Key highlights of the tools include:

  • Page Editor to edit/add web pages in WYSIWYG mode;
  • Menu Editor to edit/add menu and sub menu items;
  • Dictionary Editor to edit/add terms or labels used in MicroClear®;
  • Script Editor to edit/add the scripts used;
  • Rule Editor to edit/add business rules in MicroClear®;
  • Rule Condition Editor to edit/add specifications and business logic;
  • Local Variable Editor to edit/add variables and value in the system;
  • Actors Configuration Manager to introduce new actors to the system;
  • Actions Configuration Manager to define new actions or edit existing ones;
  • Data Profile Schema Editor for creating or editing data profiles.

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