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Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer is a tool that visualizes the process of constructing and maintaining the workflow transitions in MicroClear®. Workflow diagrams are specific to profile. The Workflow Designer provides the provision to open the workflow for a specific Data Profile in a working area similar to that of a drawing tool like MS Visio that may be created/edited as required.
Following are the key highlights of the Workflow Designer:

  • Visual representation of Workflow Transition;
  • Workflow entities shapes are available for drag and drop to construct the states, transitions and linked transitions;
  • Workflow entities are associated with a set of properties that hold relevant information, such as name, long description, associated objects, permissions and others;
  • Easily understandable to all categories of users;
  • Workflow services execute and manage business processes workflow by definition;
  • Conceptual model for a workflow process includes states and events (actions);
  • Core services provided by the Workflow Designer tools to create workflow transitions and security;
    • Printing;
    • Zoom-in and Zoom-out;
    • Easy Maintenance;
    • Easy to configure the Permissions.

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