Payments & Revenue Management

Payment Processing

  • Maintain records of revenue collected from duties, taxes, excise, fines, deposits and other charges;
  • Supports multi-currency transactions;
  • Track payments against outstanding liability at prescribed timings / schedule, and generates alerts to declarant and Customs (or concerned authority);
  • Update Exchange rates online periodically;
  • Provide deferment schemes for various Customs processes, e.g. for authorized Traders;
  • Allows repayment of duties and taxes;
  • Create and manage revenue accounts, collection accounts and customer accounts;
  • Allows to introduce new duty types, calculating formula to the system;
  • Generates bill for payment due;
  • Sends required notification related to any payment to the authorized user;
  • Online payment gateway for different types of payment modes such as cash, cheque, credit cards, bank receipts or from a customer account;
  • Keeps track of payable duties of taxes, resulting from assessments, adjudications, appeals or expiry of guarantees;
  • Issue legal notices to concerned persons;
  • Link to payments system and reconciles payments and recoverable dues;
  • Keep log of all outstanding dues;
  • Allow to define various action and steps as per law, such as blocking release of subsequent consignments, adjust against repayment claims, encash securities, de-activate user IDs, and suspend licenses;
  • View payment details for credit and debit account;
  • Automatically generates payment receipts after payment collection.

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